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Four Reasons Why Waste Reduction is Important to Your Company

1. Waste Reduction Saves Money
Disposing of waste has become more expensive every year for businesses. Waste haulers sign long-term deals with municipalities and, in effect, become monopolies that increase rates by as much as 100% per year. By implementing waste reduction programs, your company can save substantially on waste disposal costs. Hewlett Packard, for example, has been able to reduce waste by as much as 93% and save $1.25 million per year.
2. Facilitates Compliance with State Laws
In 1990, the California legislature passed Assembly Bill 939, a law that requires municipalities to divert 50% of their solid waste (through recycling and waste prevention) by the year 2006.  Municipalities are held accountable for achieving these goals and look to businesses to assist with compliance.

3. Improves the Environment and Your Company's Image
Waste Reduction Technology can help your company receive awards for excellent environmental achievement, such as Green Business Awards and WRAP awards from California’s waste management agency. These awards are earned by companies that demonstrate excellence in resource efficiency and waste reduction. In today’s business climate, having a “Green” image attracts customers. Not only is waste reduction good for your company’s bottom line, it helps to improve the environment!
4. Boosts Employee Morale
Employees appreciate the fact that their company cares about the environment and is willing to do the “right thing” in terms of waste reduction and recycling.
Waste Reduction Technology has received generous positive feedback from our clients’ employees.

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