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during November, December, and January they are at then-

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also appears by researches of MM. Valleix and Vernais at the Foundling

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almost complete suffocation, the application of a sol. of nit. arg., 40 to

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is when these powers cease, in consequence of the death of

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The University Court of the University of Edinburgh has just added

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the local lesions of the cartilage and bone are concerned ; for

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of it. Such a course verges upon the criminal. It often consigns a

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rapidly, the little instrument I now show you, invented by Dr.

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rhage either immediately after the ruptare of the spleen, or else not

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edly influenced the vote. Under these circumstances,

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circumstances might arise in the course of the disease

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Thank you. Your constant love has helped me to Achieve

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•sight. He finds that in France the rapid increase of near-sight-

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they are due to an entirely preventable cause, they are nevertheless exces-

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There was morbidity temperature in three csuses, one

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Patients sensitive either to serum or hair could be desensitized so

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the temper was drawn. In this more powerful instru-

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oxalis, most lichens, and many vegetables. Some urinary

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this assent, so speedily fatal is its action. Other remedies could be

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and of lower pitch than the asthmatoid wheeze of bronchial foreign

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abnormal sexual practices is that of masturbation. It is, no doubt,

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Ligature of the arteries supplying the testicles not only cause atrophy of

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of note. In apparently healthy people I have very often

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a graduate of the State University of Iowa, College

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more may be given, if necessary, in another twenty-four hours.

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Mr. Charles Hawkins, Mr. G. E. Pearce, Mr. W. Gandy,

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spontaneous formation of osseous fistula on outer side of bone very

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sumption, Dr. Charles Ap A. Bowen, aged 28 years. Dr. Bowen

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blood. There were no coagula. There were small pieces of green weed in

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persons in different localities, of different occupations, ages and sex, and

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