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only use them as adjuvants to general measures and for
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acid being always present. The blood never registered
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»CO»'»CQO'NieO?0-^0— '^It-S»i?St**OE;'-<O30<6""*'M002*J'330
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disease, and in view of the unusual features presented by the cases as
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is hard to think that she will never see us, that we shall never
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cannot be admitted as compensating lor any deficiency in those
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son) was eighty-four years of age ; tall ; of a sallow complexion ; grey hair,
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over our inclinations, provide in the days of health that
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Girdle Sensation. — The sense of having a girdle or tight band
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which the uterus is bound by dense adhesions, the advantage of
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upon the training of the physician, the practice of the brace-maker,
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necessary. Another great aid is the giving of water freely to
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ties in the way of prompt diagnosis and treatment, increase the sick
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of sewerage calculated to arrest the deposits of Boston, &c.
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had no serious illness. For years a suflFerer from chronic diges-
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cilli. In api>earance it differs markedly from the typhoid
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of the appendix if they can get more. A trial is a struggle
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lowed again by an increase, almost all the figures after
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tion of the perinseum extending half way to the sphineter ani.
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&;c. &:c. But 1 believe, of all affections, we
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4 nights — followed by a morning saline, given in amount sufficient
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the cases and inoculated another boy. None had symptoms of measles.
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or the soft kind, is one that has never been satisfactorily solved.
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and caries of the walls of the tympanum, mastoid cells, and antrum. —
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that official as he was called upon to discharge in this case.
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the toxin that causes the inflammation remains unaltered the same
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prepare food for assimilation. Food should be eaten slowly. Deliberate
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and a memoir of the author. A new American edition. Philadelphia : Blan-
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seventh, though this is not proved. Next is the anastamosis with the
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but it was not possible to get a good view of the drums. The child was
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the water its baneful qualities and ])articles" and jjroduced a series of
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the lower lip. In this example I performed an operation known
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much. Facts and experience show that in thyrotomy we have a valu-
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with subsequent fever and pelvic inflammation and as a result
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" develop its specific effects, particularly vertigo

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