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brief, but serve to show the point of difference as regards surgical

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was somewhat difficult for him to walk, on account of the stiffness of the ankle-joints, but

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deal with this than with the lirst, but though the subject

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be in time entirely overcome. — Medical Times and Gazette.

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haematitis or inflammation of the blood itself. Others spoke of pyaemia or purulent

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house, situated upon a slight elevation in the neighborhood of an extensive marsh. The

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passive dropsy which arise slowly from a mechanical obstacle to

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nent in Parisian practice. The profession there shows an in-

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jly and may be several inches in length. When there are

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D. L. Eds.vll, M.D. M. B. Tinker, M.D. ""^ request.

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forceps seemed to promise the best results, and were

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proves disinfectant, since it is the decompositions which

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policy that properly informs patients of their liability,

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It would be superfluous to explain in detail why the respiratory

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tain cases showing a very brief period (one of them only thirty-six hours) the

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Internal Haemorrhoids. — The ligature is the safest

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