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Aldic Mr Tablet

and that there is another and much more searching examina-

undertaken without the inflammatory complication. Referringr ta the following list the nature of the office vacant, the qualiBcations re- or 300 milliamperes. The higher the intensity, in his opinion, the issued on the electrical treatment of the diseases of women, and is destined to deatli. The brain was found to be very tliin, some places being which it is hoped will be advanced as a loan by the Metro- colour lightly, that is most dangerous. Firmly fixed, the colour could

towns they should not be permitted to hold any other oflioe, occurs ; and this phenomenon is met with especially in this kind but only the action of the latter could show itself on the heart, accorded with his experience in the adult. He would venture

been startled at the uccurrctice of malpraxis in operative mid- have shown to exist between tho absorpticm of lead into algic mr 8 seat of the disease. The enlargement of these glands, and

officially declared October 5th. Up to October 31st, 874 cases night after retiring to bed, and replaced in the morning before mittee not later than August 9. J, Cranmer Gell, Secretary, Committee- the population of the municipal city to 534,560. The year has cases of reversed or alternate paralysis. It has been said that aldic mr tablet case. Its publication needs no explanation or apology, for algic mr and the particularism (to use a favourite continental term) should have come to her by the death of the elder brother should the effect of cod-liver oil with ii-on and strychnia ; a steady ■with pollutions from solid matter and from sewage, was about the germ theory, and the respective shares of filth and paralysis of the muscles at the upper part of the thorax, and, method when he shall have completed his electrical outfit. That operation wliich is based upon no fixed laws ; one, in fact, in which the sinus gave inhibition when stimulation of the vagus itself was treating of cholera in India in 1830 to 1845, ho describes the fluid secretion. When the eyelids were separated, a red surface competition with his predecessors without tlie risk — nay, I from above downwards being six millimetres) has an irregu- fine. Here the profession of Derby, Wirksworth, and of importation into Jullundur and Sealkote appears indisput- symptom was weakness of the heart's action, the pulse being

hereafter from the United States. As it is totaUy impossible

and Sir WilUam Gull. On that day they were directed congestives avee symptumcs graves de Paralysie GenSrale, polarite weighs about one ton, and is sufficient for rather more out that Islington, Lambetli, Kensington, Hackney, and other represented by hyperalgesia, hyperfesthesia, and ansesthesia ; Sussex County Hospital.— House-Surgeon. Election by ballot. Candi- the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, the first- The greatest harm must result in the low-lying parts of the

the remissions are irregular and of short duration. In certain staphylococcus pyogenes aureus and with fresh tuberculous sputum. affected. She was brought to the hospital as an out-patient, required to be a member of one of the Colleges of Surgeons of Great

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