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day. I do not maintain these matters in the belief that these

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tanaux, Indian Doctor ; and Dr. Lyon, the “celebrated Brazilian doctor,” whose

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gestive of very low tension, loses this feature and becomes con-

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most likely that the reported cases of pleuro-pneumonia in pigs

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After each bath he deems it advisable to employ a cold douche. The

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mirror must also move upwards, and thus the immediate source of light

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its containing vessels, this plasma does not appear to preserve its type-power,

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the internal lateral ligaments. On the sides of the joint are depressed reddish spots, the

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of-Paris and gutta-percha are the only substances that are non-irritating and

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natural anthrax amounts to 2 per cent, or more. In the Crimea, 4,564

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It is evident that maritime quarantine should be administered uni-

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case terminated, and then the absence of blueness in the skin, and of the slow,

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that they know nothing of or how to combat, and which only

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and destroyed by the great " microbe killers," the phagocytes ;

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the Medical Institution, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool ;

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is published in the Journal of the American Association of March 9,

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had apparently ceased, were generally attacked, and died. A singu-

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«■ Kerley, C. G. : Arch. Pediat, 1918, xxx, 702.

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ently a normal condition of the mental functions is something

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with obesity or general plethora ; or be attributable to the nervous

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is worthy of note that while one species of parasite disappears from

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to it whatever, giving our patients potatoes or fresh vegetables, or fruits

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The sixth case was that of a girl ast. 20 years, Avho

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only one case out of twenty-seven was it found neces-

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