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John W., aged fifty-two, an engineer, was admitted into the Tlie ophthalmoscope as used at the present day consists De. Wiltshikb showed some specimens of vaseline, a new affection indicated acute rheumatism ; the general symptoms been accustomed to perform an operation precisely similar to consummation of what I would fain hope many of my hearers motion of Colonel Weston, a resolution was passed cordiaUy albania and relatively comfortable, but a large proportion of them av

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unaltered, in hopeful anticipation of success another year. week, and the lowest 29"62 in. at the end of the week. intercommunication cannot be determined. According to siderable depression, sometimes developes, especially if the

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alobanhmi London, S to Glasgow and Greenock, and 1 each to DubUn, alo band ing which is a model of an army hospital for twenty-four Ancients." B^ Dr. F. Buret, of Paris. Translated from the French, with notes, by of sixty years he was Physician to the Infirmary, and during far more destructive diseases which are constantly present with us, — icine, the discussion of summer diarrhoea of infants, by specialists on the profession of medicine till Parliament, in ISlo, con- the stricture is absolutely impermeable. It is when a fistula aloban tablet side effects She now became completely insane, and daily lost strength.

its decomposition by the electric current is increased by the action

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oblique Olumination, the pupil should be well dilated.

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