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Amantadine For Flu

health as certain to be benefited by the sea ? We believe that there is
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sary District: applications, August 5th; election, 6th.
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which excited much interest. This year, Messrs. Churchill are the
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measles, rather than that seen in typhus fever. But in many cases a
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External manipulation of the parts produced little pain, but the
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cerous deposits were exceedingly vascular, and had the character of
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and were in a bad condition for undergoing any shock either with or
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the chest and the flank move simultaneously and in the same direction
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of pressure. .She was rather dull and confused in her answers, but
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Drs. Filbau and Petit's case, Journ. Comp. Path, and Therap., 1888, p. 60; cf. Journ. de
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they are usual it would seem worth while trying the effects of castration
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brothels prepared for him by the State alone (having no money to spend
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He plaintively concludes his article by predicting that some years hence
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high as the forehead, and downwards into the intermaxillary space.
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Reform so long advocated by the A.ssociation ; viz., one uniform quali-
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bony tissue, concentric bony lamellae, and osteoplasts.
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standing the objections, he thought there ought to be an element repre-
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on a long voyage. He was driven out of his course by
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Specimens. 6. Models of New Inventions, relating to Public Health,
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was attached to them. — Dr. CoOKE moved a vote of thanks to
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three things ; either (l) an aneurism ; or (2) a pulsating tumour ; or (3)
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heard. Apart from its rapid action the heart showed nothing particu-
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ventable suffering was occasioned, in war-time, to those who fought their
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but it seems quite established that it is not invariably present. Dr.

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