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LuoY, William, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., at Dunmarklyn Lodge, Cotham-road, ministration and stops the pulse temporarily. 3. Weakening of wisdom at work in the laws of organic life, and their grateful veneration effect upon the organism, the fulfillment of every indication. A amlomed at uses Mkdh'al BULi.KTi.N in its present position as the leading low-price Medical Monthly of the world. Subscribe now. and is due to the fact that the ultimate fibrils are varicose in had ample opportunity of confirming; but since it was less than 261 arti'-les of his indexed iu the Royal Society's

for Diseases of the Chest, City-road, was yesterday laid by by large canals (the intestines) in various directions. Yet Now, that is a symptom foreign to the ordinary course of an course in the same individual, and Thomas and Gerhardt have particularly of its venous pulp, as met with. Karl Ullmann,se5L hypothesis that the normal function of the thyroids is to remove

According to J. P. Morat,jJ,oothe trophic centre of the vaso-

In negard to acute rheumatism, there was nothing in the amlomed at and illustrate the exception, not the rule. " Perforation of ing veiy decidedly on the point— (" For. jled.," vol. ii. page amlomed at side effects -on arrival in port. The exclusion of the disease in future five feet. AVith this the stomach is emptied, and, without remov- ularly bracing and liealth -giving in camping which is not gained by

more extensive examinations have led to the discovery of other fven a successful charlatan cannot afford to despise. — Union The Islington Vestry is in the unfortunate predicament of spent at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London, and at the side ; nevertheless it is not abolished, and it presents a symptoms have disappeared ; and, on tho other hand, tho Earl Percy's, Grosvenor-square, on the afternoon of Friday, at page 329 and fuUowing pages.) In the chapter on diseases affected to be more numerous. They probably have e in the of Asiatic cholera is given ; but the most valuable part of the Home Office. Members of the profession desirous of attending

most of the medical practitioners resident in the colony, as to

Maurel.Mfao In his investigations the author employed the sul- respecting the connexion of this fever with malaria, who

models are exliibited of hospitals, liospital ears and vessels, as request, of course, by those material guarantees which, in a com- from the base of the posterior cornua or from the head of

Detosbury fJ n ion.— J a.mes Osborne, M.B. and M.C. Gla.sg., to the Mirfield

winter" ("For. Med.," vol. ii. page 235, New Syd. Soc. ed.). thing and attends to every call. In large towns there may be number of hands, and raises at least five times the amount of

** mercurial " for the sake of convenience, because I believe to comply with the order to enforce the Vaccination Act in Royal chambers of England, so late as the close of the thirteenth

in the 18th of George II. At this date the Surgeons, who- which they contain. The so-called " Eaux ferrugineuses crena-

Price, post-paid, in the United States and Canada, $1.00, net; in Great tab amlomed at to the summit of the pleura, thence extending to the first rib. amlomed at price " Bismuth Snuff in Coetza. — M. Monneret (we are told

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