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cal service combined toward a conserving and constructive

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was found that this procedure caused a sharp rise in the metab

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had an umbilical hernia from infancy. This had been ob

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mations during operations as a safeguard to the pa

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Carolina and of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He entered

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May I hope this brief resume of why operation does not always

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brings about many changes or reforms which would otherwise be

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two theories. The amino acids are decomposed into ammonia

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The primary causative agent was first demonstrated to be a filtra

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apply to the use of any intravenously administered diuretics

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from dietary deficiencies are more often the result of multiple defi

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a large object. A small hyperopic error was properly corrected.

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advised it seemed that Cocaine Poisoning Its Prevention and Treat

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in justice to ourselves and the public insist on a more unified effort

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except those due to diseases of the liver. In these

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Dr. Warren was twice married first to Miss Eva Flemming

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gology which Dr. Murphy accepted. The amended motion was then

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ing transplantation. The possibility of transplant

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appears most impressive viz. irrigation from the frontal regions to

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fied all the pathogenic and small saprophytic varieties. Dobell

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most powerful hunger contractions so far observed in any dog

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this program the propagandist the alarmist and the unethical com

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extensive that they led to an advanced form of nephritis.

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the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. Boiling

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result of digestion metabolism is the production of

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members of the committee were present and all phases of the joint

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thymus ingestion the increase in the uric acid eliminated is not

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Observations upon the Elimination of Acetone and Diacetic Acid in

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personalities and not merely as cases. In this way the austerity of

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protein chain into shorter chains and finally into the separate

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none of them even looked at her teeth gums throat or

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strate what the urologist has to oflfer in the cure of

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to drive the public to the enumerable quacks who infest the country

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forms is a very common condition among artificially

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from his labors. While we can derive much of comfort from our

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lege. At the last meeting of the faculty of the Long

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to a considerable degree prevent cardiovascular dis

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for these little patients. Was the risk of the anes

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escapes recognition after middle age the local symptoms predomi

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possible to draw positive conclusions it must be ad

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