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cures were obtained by injecting a potent preparation of vitamin

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suffice it to say that not only is it possible to bring

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amino aeids as such to an appreciable extent. Chemical trans

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decompensated made her operation a risk. She preferred the risk and

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clinical picture of renal colic with pus in urine. Left

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destroys the culture in other words no mixed culture has been

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absence of a gall bladder in spite of the theoretical objections that

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make the patient have confidence in what you tell him. Early diag

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disease and very low in myx pdema. His results have been

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be operated upon during the immediate disturbance. It does not

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species of coccidia parasitic in chickens have also been found in quail

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as will be seen later render the organism distinguishable from

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bution of Kepler who collected seventy cases in the

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flocculent albumin a trace negative for sugar urea.

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regeneration of the tapeworm may occur in a few weeks.

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stands for the highest skill and greatest achievement

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nosis and treatment of cancer avail themselves of the service necessary

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infusion broth with heated sheep serum. This strain likewise

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lation or out through the walls of the intestine but

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quirements of the normal dog are amply met by a ration containing

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inhibition was greatly prolonged the degree of the inhibition less

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in sixty nine per cent of cholectomized patients the

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house stated that the recent epidemic of diphtheria

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duce the least favorable medium for the growth of harmful bacteria.

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Response to Welcome Mrs. Roscoe McMillan Red Springs.

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cians. From both I obtained the identical diagnosis

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hitherto well nourished child becomes fastidious in

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ther been proved that the spinal fluid produces ef

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nitrogen excretion can never be reduced to the low point of to

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being so condensed they are destroyed the individuality of the

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To Dr. H. Swift of Australia belongs the credit of being the

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will be some aid to the physician who may find him

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The statistics thus far jiroscnted for the county of X seem to

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