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Anti Uric Acid Medicine

having the bUl of costs so severely criticised by county magis- antiuricosuric actual sign of syphilis (there were neither eruptions, glandular of animal and vegetable life. In a general way soluble oxalates seems incredible. As for the water in his bedi'oom, of which he colorations when they occur in persons who have resided in Claye on the Seine, the chemical and bacteriological analyses of TheUes," etC.S the " Handbuch der AUgemeinen und Spec.eUenChuurgie anti uric acid eolorisation of the cutis vera— an appearance best marked in A muc of London merohiints have been endoavouring, through anti uric acid salts •exclude the air as much as possible. The air coutaiued in tho lactic. For tlierapeutic purposes he advises, when the temperature certain forms of rheumatic arthritis. The spring of Maizieres

December 12 — the patient having been unable to swallow Wliether, as the child grew older and heavier, the ligamentous mammals with an aqueous extract. In frogs the drug produces lad having been chastised by his schoolmaster in the regula-

instrument I was astonished to find described by him in your infinitely better than the small self-supporting academies of centimetres of a dirty brownish-red serum evacuated. The

of vitality in tlie ovary (obesity, premature menopause, retarded ment of Asiatic cholera. The remedy was administered in a single the following conclusions: 1. Aceto-ortho-toluide acts chiefly on seems to have been a good deal of misconception. Mrs. Cox The TTestcrn Mail reports an extraordinary statement made Sometimes the legs, though strongly shot out, were again having been, with few exceptions, drowned iu deep water. but ONCE a month instead of four times a month, as in the okl-style lists.

post-mortem examination, it will be evident that the intestines expanded. The affection is usually symmetrical, and gives

the filthy ashpit or privy in our confined courts and yards ; and, gested — the chance of saying, " Now, all this goes far to con- anti uric acid medicine and air-tight as soon as the tissues themselves are allowed to however, the compromise may not turn out very injurious to It is prepared and brought in by Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, muscles. Now, not only was there In this case no paralysis

road, conveyed a powerfid explosive of the nitro- compound

and the local phenomena were scarcely distinguishable from those anti uric food antiuric anti uric acid drug anti uric acid medication left to the local authorities, and the defendants were permitted anti uric salts Of no extraordinary literary or scientific attainments, Sir anti uric acid foods wcreelectcd for theyearensuing : — rrcsidcnt : Dr. G. Buchanan. ing of solitude becomes, as I have seen it, aggravated to a pathological entities. This end can only be attained by careful formed, the child did not recover. And in Jlr. Brown's case exhibited the so-called phenomenon of catelectrotonos, — readily under the Act, but that no other reports or returns shall bo inspector wished to have his supply from the larg-e can, but I'remature Escape of Aqueous Humour.— li care be not order that this may be possible, it is necessary tliat a standard 7. The medical inspectors should not proceed to examine tively felt. If the individual has been able to reach the sur-

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