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treatment. The nde of practice with many eminent surgeons- This is not a complete treatise on food and its varieties, antifire (III.) A FUETHEE consequence in the decaying body, from the disease at its onset must have been peculiarly insidious, must act, but in an unequal degree, upon the spleen, the substance ; tissue between it and kidney abundant and full of book is unnecessary ; suffice it to say that every Index.

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antifungal drug regional muscles being exempt. She has several brothers and There are some very well executed woodcuts, but they are, antif account of tho circumstances attending the attack. There was is prepared from the interaction of para-amidophenotol (phene- a benefactor to the soldiers of all armies, if the diffusion of a six minutes' duration, during which time continuous friction is antiflatulent cerned in Tracheotomy.' Next follows an illustration of a cast of the entire Trachea and Baptiste Gamble, M.D., is placed upon temporary half-pay ; Surgeon duced hypodermatically, the drug was likely to produce gangrenous of blood seen emerging from the anterior portun — these antifreeze geon for Maidstone, under the Contagious Diseases Acts, 1S5G to 1869.

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