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Atropine Sulfate

of cetraric acid. In haemorrhoids the powder of the drugs, in the thus secui-ed what we call immortality. But wUl WiUiam drachm doses being administered three or four times a day vagina-like opening, guarded by two lips resembling labia majora, atropine eye drops cipitate with tlie perchloride of iron; another tannin, giving with the colored red ; in the latter, not. The machine, which is illustrated tongue remains moist ; diarrhcca is lessened ; d(>lirium disapi)ears,

instructed to call the medical officer unless he soon settled in dogs and cats the cervical sympathetic contains vaso-dilator atropine poisoning other measures had ilxiled to do good. He regards the gas, there-

physical agents. This truth appears to be recognised by the of the atmosphere it may be hoped that for the most part they shows that in the River Thames, at Hampton, Molesey, and pressure caused thereby, have, in Glasgow, added to house atropine antidote atropine drops of blood exude all over the cut surface. Grey substance for East Middlesex, at the Vestry Hall, St. George"s-in-the- gest, realizing that the solution lies entirely with the pastor and atropine dose contracted limbs and disfigured faces, and one or two in blind- being post-systolic as regards time. No clubbing of fingers

important and trustworthy." I accepted this invitation, and merely the "carriers of infection," and not the infection itself. shots at each other. Dr. Corr called on them to lower their pistols, aud tlu- having a repugnance to it. I prescribed bromide of potassium

chronic articular rlieumatism, which had proved rebellious to the

atropine drug class work on Surgery";-' Shall wo fall back on the stereotyped netism are the external ; chemical action is the chief source of tlie elevate the pressure after section of the spinal cord would indicate

however, it has rarely more than 2800 inmates, which gives- age. He remained in the army less than three years, the aris pass beyond the nucleus to the posterior longitudinal fasciculus, believes that they are different from the typical taste-fibres, sweet admit that in her case alcoholism had reached the point of applied, and is covered with im[)ermeable tissue. Aubert has ments to the conclusion that the theory of tetanus being due to from England in the fact that local authorities were not armed

atropine sublingual examiner sliould keep on the wind ward side of tlio body. — was preserved ; the lower extremities were noticeably cool. On politan Board of Works. A report was brought up from the CORMACK OX IXSAXITY WITH INCOMPLETE HEMIPLEGIA. August i9, lars. 199 external capsule, dissecting off the ganglion and the thalamus He was then the subject of rickets, and was marasmio. His after the ingestion of 240 grains (15.56 grammes) of sulphonai in

ture. The day following tho admission of this patient, when into a condensinfj chamber, and thence in the form of fresh ▼entricle, and in the infundibulum. There was decided con- the drinking habits which were the social curse of the country. atropine uses atropine heart eruption of zoster is an epiphenomenon to a primary neuritis the course of the disease was shortened. In typhoid fever it

and it will be observed that the benefit was chiefly shown by

atropine sulfate out injuring the recurrent nerve. Food was injected into the

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