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course of both theoretical and practical instruction,

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sels' coats, and to the stomach, liver, and rest of the chylopoietic

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tion was noticed. In addition patient sufifered from

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tion, so much so that it was impossible to satisfactorily make the

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** " A large sponge, soaked in hot water, and applied as hot as can be borne

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Socicte mcdicalc des hopilaux de Paris, October 24.

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quently give only the slightest evidence of the dis-

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keener interest in a subject which is in the strictest

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would be led to think that serious inflammation, if not un-

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over into the succeeding generation, still in honor

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cocci was usually autogenous as a result of lowered

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Address of Welcome and Report of the Committee of Arrangements. Dr. John

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and calf of the leg, were apt to be followed by that

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changed for life in spite of most vigorous treatment,

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The traumatic included those due to operation. Stric-

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cool, the pulse small, and only sixty-eight in a minute. Here,

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the tumefaction of the testicle and epididymis was positively

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organ is both thinner walled and softer than is the

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whether there existed malignancy or not. Until this

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Dr. Churchill on the Length of the Umbilical Cord. 23

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purpose, that particles of copper pyrites, if held in suspension, would yield no cha-

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witnessed from the extension of an apparently mild inflamma-

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The only details I can discover are in Sicbeld's Journal of

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fear, or is said to be afraid. Since certain types of

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or express money order, payable to A. K. Elliott Publishing Co.,

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In accepting his resignation, the board adopted the

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often is so oft'ensive to the family and even to the

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evening ; on the third day she took an additional one, and went on in

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the sphere of my own observation, one such case has recently tran-

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fractured thigh, I speedily possessed myself of his femur, the

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When a girl had pain of stomach, or at the sternum, (I

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motor or sensory disturbance, furnishes affirmative evidence,

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in groups of infectious and cardiovascular diseases.

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The hygienic laboratory of the United States Public

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adult is physiologically unobjectionable provided it

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evidence ; 6, the luetin test may be positive in the

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