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sympathy with all the other organs, and which will not act
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by the physician. These may be divided into such as relate especially
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whole plant, including the fruit, have a peculiar fragrant odour and aro-
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called gentianin, on which its tonic properties depend; a peculiar
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the trade in them ; 2. Lima or Huanuco harka, usually larger than the
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solved in from twenty minims to half a fluidrachm of water. Perhaps,
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two to he given at once, a third at the end of an hour, if sleep is not
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gatisfactory results from the use of tonic medicines. Experience has
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painting, in consequence of retaining its white colour when exposed to
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cati, who made experiments on the comparative nutritive
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to rob this mixture well with water, and to strain. As water will take
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Medicine, it will be obvious, in the perusal of the present work, that the
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generally he iKreferred; as that of percolation requires a degree of skiU
ed, and, by continuance of this exercise, it puts on all the
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MIYA: Well, we took it at .5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 cm down,
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are used, and is among those most employed. (See page 213.) As it u
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8. TTAi^n PTPAYA BABK, or Brown Carihagena bark, as it has
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witliout the ipecacuanha, which is apt to occasion nausea.
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f which a very small portion of the sulphuric acid is converted into 8u
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The dose of it is from ojic t > three drops, whi h may be prepared for
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ency, upon the cessation of the depressing influence, to an elevation of
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and of facilitating the exhibition of the niedii-ine in minute doses; but
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the skin is, from its resemblance to that of the goose, called
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cally deduced that, in etherization, the nervous centres of organic life,
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'. wC -wTuna. jmt nmx. ^acTuvr&aaej mtvuam, jr-vauitbt 'a litur aitt iwii. ouvik <ff
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the alcohol it contains, than ardent spirit ; and the lighter wines much
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mens; a mistake which may be readily made, as the symptoms of the
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5. The feeding of 0.01 N hydrochloric acid to mice in lieu of
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essential indication of cflicieney ; and any specimen of the oil» not pot-
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heat of skin, headache, giddiness, sometimes delirium, pains and cramps
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ease of a young woman to whom he was called in the country, and who
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definition orographic lift
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which it would otherwise do, from the head and the viscera
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na and potatina. It is prepared cither by the direct combination of
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quadrupeds of cold regions have a fine light-coloured down
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that it is used here not merely as a revulsive agent, in which capacity
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