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had been called to see the girl, had failed to \ another point on which they differ, viz. that

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were said to have had reference to the finger of scorn pointed to

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Gay, G. W. Address at annual dinner of tlie Massachusetts medi-

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spinal meninges. These cases are designated as examples of pneumo-

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worms. They are a common and well known parasite. They are

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Etiology. — The disease is due to infection with certain fungi wdiich

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the pepper is consumed; if a black or brown sediment is found amon"-

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nutrition. Delicate women with scanty menstruation might be

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carnivorous nature of man in the ratio of 12 to 8 ; an idea, the absurdity

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" But experience has shewn, that this treatment, though so applica-

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of these matters are greatly beneficial, and are so apt to be considered of

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Somerville, New Bedford and lirocktou 1 each. From malarial

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natural; pain and tenderness in the hypogastrium diminished;

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twenty times as often in the left as in both. 3. Practi-

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individual was knocked down in the street by the shaft of a carriage,

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and revised London edition. Philadelphia: Blanchard and Lea,

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it did the last feverJay, the disease is called anticipating, in the opp<^

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probably of the numerous fractures of skull which led to bis death.

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cavities of the body, arise as often, nay more fre-

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or by letter. Patients admitted by letter present a higher death-

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dertake too often to perform operations that should better

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solely from not liaving taken this precaution, while a more

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gested in the theory above, must necessarily fail to be of

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Two years ago he met with an injurj' of the left temple

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few experiments which have been reported that there is no significant

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emergency — and that is, that unless the medical attendant

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Avith rigid stretching of the hands by the side, and turning up of the eye-

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weather even to the house, care being taken that he is

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ternal inflammation proceeds silently and treacherously,

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this case, however, there is no indication of malarial

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it. It is a bad heat conductor, and thus serves to retain the heat

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scrupulously reproduced, throughout countless generations a day, the

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mittents are difficult in the extreme to diagnosticate. If in suspected cases of

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inclusive, 51 craniotomies for pelvic contraction with a mor-

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time he would have to remain in the workhouse. Surely tlip

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2. Irrigations, properly employed, will cure gonorrhoea quicker

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trary, it had usually existed for from five or ten up to forty and

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means; and I assert, from personal observation, that it has

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medical education by bringing the meetings closer to your

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Should the carrier refuse on behalf of the Secretary to pay a portion of the

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