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tests were made with phenolphthalein of all liquids after aeration

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Muscular hygiene. Sonth. Calif. Pract., Los Angeles,

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his joints, but there was a rough systolic bruit all over

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lighted by large windows and a central skylight over

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been known to live under such circumstances to advanced age.

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nant, and also tympanitic. Both tympanitic and non-tympanitic notes

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in arterial rigidity has long been recognized, and distin-

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statistics. Influence of age, sex and race. Effects of diet,

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These twins are united, not by the side,; been one subject in the great dissecting

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thirteen years, however, suffering from metrorrhagia which had

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wool, bind it under the seat, or rump, below it ; soon

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males than females, and this is true of every decade except

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the limb atrophied. The tibia dislocated, the right knee con-

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which however are sometimes mutilated in two places ; but the plan of restora-

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hard, helping his father, who is a mason. He perspired freely, and

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independent of the mother. It is evident, then, that anything

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butes a paper to the Centralblatt on the microscopic changes undergone by

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The chair then announced that the business first in order, was to call the roll of

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lips, dilated nostrils, and a bumping heart. There was evidence

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the water of which was consequently very foul. The cholera epidemic of

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blance, that it can only be distinguished from it by chemical analysis.

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Baths not to be Confounded. — The effects of these should

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flow, and continued up to her coming to the hospital,

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piece of stiff flexible copper wire being very useful. In the case

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the condition seen by speculum. The vulva was normal in appearance, vagina

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or affection, is propagated along the members, the trunk, the

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to walk 10 weeks after the operation, at which time there

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Under this heading we have classified, simple fever, or

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Hei^e temporizing — philosophizing — talking is "beside the mark.^'

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