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results. In every case of phthisis he has found ba
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already probably received from Europe one disease which has
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humanity. Physicians and health officers have often
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douche at that time. Under ordinary circumstances that is
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had peculiar characteristics they were long slender bacilli
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kidney. It was argued that adenomata of the kidney were almost
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observe the effects of the most violent moral shocks
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culosis of that organ Schnitzler finds the cause of the disease
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guishes several varieties. The lymphocytes are small
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I reflect that I shall be giving descriptions of men and things
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III. still the fluid which distends the ventricles is owing to a mechanical
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the bite is inflicted. Locally there is immediate burning
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bill of health the fact shall be immediately reported to the Department
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Remarks. Five of these cases only fell under Kopp s own observa
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These however are also attended with great risk. The destruc
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It is apparently nowhere definitely stated in this vol
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palpitations and syncope. In actual labour tlic progress was slow
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The third Board granted sixty six licenses and refused one.
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and cattle to punctured wounds and for the cure of mange
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colour with large powerful wings which have a slight
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Family physicians who apply to such hospitals shall

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