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act as direct causes. The digestive powers may be overtasked by the
experience at Dundee, on the effects of the sulphites in typhus,
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why congestion of the liver lasting for any length of time should not
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but our Gracious Lci<fht the King, Therefore hee and many ot'iers
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second sister, aged seven years, is strong and healthy. No
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29th of November, 1898, stamped as returning officer of the division, to the Registrar of
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We do not understand why in one case sporulating parasites should plug the
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the minute pulmonary arteries ; on the other hand, in cholera
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ding. While I depend fur the removal of the disease on the chalybeate, it is
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rmrnoses The quantity taken amounted to five grams In Uo m mm
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not warranted by law, as a contract surgeon is not an officer of
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Specimen 3 was procured, Specimen 4 was taken. In five minutes more Speci-
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that law which denies the unlimited exercise of this privilege is an
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inches in circumference. His limbs are well and strongly
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The demanding of such explanations, by the conductor has a triple
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tissue, without or with dilated lymph-spaces, in which we find granu-
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be distributed into those referable to the countenance or general aspect, the
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At present, colour very dark everywhere ; coldness universal ; hiccup ;
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ancient times, have not ceased altogether to influence the community in
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l)eriods of time, and the treatment and the r(f-ults
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cases, but splenic enlargement is confined to children. In
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The prices obtained at the Buenos Aires cattle market vary greatly,
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lect, for more caution to avoid error, and more fearfulness of
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AiBoc gtone -f L. ter^ere to rub -f Gr- ^iraaeetv to
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uterine life, in the newborn, in children, in adult life, in old age. In
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having been myself for two years its Foreign Medical
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normally no lymphatic glands existed. He thought, therefore, it
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Paris, is valid claim to speak as from authority ; and whose thorough
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disclosed the lesions of a generalized infection. The cocci at first formed
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this wav often rpHiippH nn«k.Kair 9nA ae>wy>o^\rr%e*e A^nn fnvM >k;»#]«
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pains, even a fit of epilepsy, without being, in reahty, subject to
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at not to oe able to be present at trie meetings a<i 1 hud ex-
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effectually to catch the public eye. I believe it was the
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if the throat begins to assume the characteristic distortion already
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assessed at £50. Following the verdict the irrepressible Wakley
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some affections of the skin. And yet not one of these
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The Legal Relations of Emotional Insanity. By E. Lloyd Howard, M.D., of Bal-
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it could at that time, when the stream of ophthalmology ran so violently
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nephritis, and various pulmonary and cardiac complications
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Dr. King exhibited a Malformed Heart from a boy aged 4.
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vatty (B. H.) On the early recognition of hypermetro-
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into a serious disease. In fact the larger proportion of cases of chronic
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define them. They also afford to surgery the rare oppor-
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Garbage Cremation. — According to the Inveniive Age
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Dudley's opinion, to a sudden large accumulation of
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tuberculosis, which as a rule did very well, and one often regretted the

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