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Can I Use Acyclovir Ointment For Cold Sores

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power of entry or their standard of sanitation would sink to

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We regret to announce the death of Dr. William Roe, Pro-

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in France as elsewhere, have so rapidly been efl'ected in all

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months afterwards did she have any dysnienorrlvca, but about a year

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Hu'me: Two f;asi>s of Kolpo Hvstereitoniy for Uterine Fibroma, with

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appointment must be given to an officer of the Medical Stafi'.

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utilise this kuowJedge for begging purposes, and for escaping all work

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bore out his conclusion that the loss at labour varied as the

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no signs of inflammatory action, and the deformity was evi-

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Surgeon-Captain F. J. Crawford, M.D., Madras Establlshmeirt, Is

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enumerate the anatomical varieties of inflammation starting

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with board, washing, and attendance. Applications to the Secretary

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the same year, and in such places as Attock or Campbellpore, both very

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grants who had, however, leave personally to proceed. It

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account of draughts. It would be well to provide a louvre

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the disease, relapse during convalescence in her case being attributed

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London he knew of nine cases of advanced ectopic gestation

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tween the Chairman and Sir George Trevelyan was submitted

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ventilation were prominent features ; soil pipes and traps

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father and his grandfather having been well-known physi-

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Me. Haslam (Birmingham) showed a man, aged 31, whose

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and was one of the founders of the Medical School in the

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minster ; Dr. T. Stevenson, London ; Dr. E. H. Snell, London ; Mr. St.

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I niipr fasf nirisinn.—]. O'Callaghan, (Queen's College, Cork.

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Dr. Fakquhabson : I understand you are not very enamoured

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He served in the Indian Mutiny campaign in 1857-58, including the engage-

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attempt, I would venture to draw attention to certain points

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guished pupils, but also to recognise the great changes which,

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Thb fourth annual meeting of Belgian laryngologists and

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dient and no substance more detrimental to health than is con-

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