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Side Effect Of Zanaflex

of New York ; Utica, N. Y., Medical Library Associa-

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Baltimore ; Dr. Mary .Sherwood, of Baltimore ; Dr. Joseph

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TuEsn.w, October i8th. — New York Academy of Medi-

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course is but a small part of the labors undertaken

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October 26th, 1910, -f-|- (patient now totally blind).

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laceration, in fact the condition strongly suggested

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can tizanidine 4 mg get you high

4 mg tizanidine effects

Any treatment, however absurd, that sufficiently af-

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City, for the purpose of making a special study of eye

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Dennis, J. B., Surgeon. Detached from the Virginia and

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of these is good, while the prognosis of the remain-

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the cyanosis is general and the inspirations highly

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varies with each region, each operation, and in each

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so acquired in their life, much less the technical abil-

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kota, and ordered home to await orders ; ordered to

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teresting study of the elimination of iodine by the

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of the malignant and benign epithelial growths d.'-

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Dccomber 3>. >9>".i IICl-FMAX. IMPE'IKH) L () X T . I G I OS . I .IXn M.ICIIIX/i OIL.

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shaken out of its sealed glass ampoule into a steril-

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cesses are in most instances cured in a most startling

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ton, John S. Coulter, William Denton, Harry G. Ford,

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be used on such patients only as have no other seri-

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value in occluded pupils. Sometimes a granule of powdered

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pray you follows? Even this, that physicians say to them-

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of the Royal Free Hospital did as well if not a lit-

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tire absence of fever, cough, and rhinitis, and the

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while in the stage of active progressive evolution.

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ever, such prisoner shall be cured prior to the ex-

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