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Laboratory of Hygiene has been finding the disease since the year
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diagnosis of dementia prsecox was considered at the staff
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end and attaching it to an antitoxin syringe of five
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daily enemas and the use of a high carbohydrate diet.
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local effects produced at the point of application and
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fined to approximately two feet of its length. To conserve time this
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The Relation of the Physician to the Compensation Law
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Another important point to bear in mind is the man
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Hyslop s scientific training to leave in his writings
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will soon have a susceptible population. Then we will see what we
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The Secretary then read the following telegram from the President
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causes some deficiency and the patient usually suf
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denum. Duodenum liberated and anastomosis made between first
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on handiwork less on the location of rivers in South
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cuted course of treatment supervised by an expert syphilotherapeutist
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fourth rib. He has now been under observation two and
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M ithout any marked action either on the tonus or on the hunger
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and to pull out the triangular piece thus formed and
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typical diphtheria and from eleven carriers. In test
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is warranted from a history of aneurysm aortic dis
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complaining of dull pain in the left side of abdomen night
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enough to protect most of the body s own tissues. Folin called
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high septic temperature and examination clinically and by X ray
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It can therefore couple on another amino acid at either end.
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many patients in the past to lamentable disaster. It is a condition
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large amounts of food with an abundant though not excessive
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bored Lamblia intestinalis as the sole organism and
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after the lapse of the time ordinarily required for
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present technic enables one to maintain a constant blood sugar
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found in the allantoin nitrogen. These results might be taken
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residing in the City of New York who have personally con
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which are not subject to experimental control and but sluggishly
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was not satisfactory. When combined with a small amount of inha
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may seem significant when compared with the earlier

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