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Generiic Catapres

Committee on Telephone Directory Classifications: T.

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Students prepared for their college, hospital, and State examina-

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asthma in which the use of calcium intravenously was

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P mo The advisability of stretching the operability

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faction, and the benefit of their patients. Here are the men who

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ized to one side. If it is loud enough, you can hear it

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Leo Crieps, M.D., of Pittsburgh, who will conduct one

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and the Section on Obstetrics and Gynecology of The Medical

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of contents ; the article itself was cut out, except for

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part of the United States afflicted with the disease and

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thral mucous membrane exhibits marked variations regarding its

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It is a question whether this constant irritation does not tend to

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Montgomery. — Patrons of the successful card party

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facturers’ group a committee on industrial health

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Monroe Moses J. Leitner, Bushkill Harold B. Flagler, Stroudsburg

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the Committee on Scientific Work meet with the Sec-

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pupil of John Abernethy " observes that some author, in describ-

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was taken in the Medical College of Charleston, S. C. The

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1 hey will mature twelve years from issue date, at 35 per cent more than

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