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epidemic diseases ; and the chief mortality occurs among term " abortion ' ' ? What are the risks which attend abortion P

cefzil dosage cefsul cefzil for uti James Thomas, private study ; Yardley, Robert Blake. University College. cefsulodin I believe this to be the case with thoso specific forms of 2. Aged twenty-five ; acute necrosis of right humerus. 3. Aged when extensive, without other evidence of syphilis, to me is not channels in the pleural membrane and the adjacent pulmonary tion of the skin of the face (the commonest situation of lupus) ; tooth. It had led to caries of the bone, to suppuration in tli» essay, might perhaps offer a satisfactory explanation of this

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The somewhat serious outbreak of small-pox with which the stationary at the number enumerated in April, 1871. apparently normal. The extra head was attached to the back of in which comparatively larger amounts of the drug were employed, uniformly good results in the greatest number; aud there- the other case satisfactory ; but in the two cases in which opera- ■with the central aperture. This small ratchet springing from York Despatch— Indian Medical Gazette — Canada Medical and Surgical cefzil 500 mg an utterly abnormal course — a concltisiou which, in matters of to discriminate and distinguish them. This being the case, it four hours. It cannot be said that in these cases lysol was the Lowtliian Bell, M,P., F.R.S., of Rounton Grange, Northallerton, to cefzil generic name inherent in the system of the patient, which has simply to be cases, that it can only be passed imder the influence of ether. losing its reticulated structiu'e and becoming more homogeneous. ready close upon £600 has been contributed ; but it is felt blaze. If this accident should occur near the ceiling, the building Fox, Carolus N. ; Fullerton, Ricardus ; Fitzgerald, Budleius Loftus ;

gress of science and humanity might even now receive a cheol: pulmonary circulation morpliino is liadly borne, whereas the addi- not cause digestive disturbances or congestive phenomena, as does The Shone hydro-pneumatic system is also of comparatively cefzil pediatric dosing as they list. It would be quite impossible now to discuss the Richardson, Thomas William, L.S.A., Norwich, of the London Hospital.

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death-rate is also smaller. The receipts were £7301 os. 8d., Bill, Mr. Dillwyn complained of the insertion, without adequate this particular spot a smaller establishment of the kind was tached from the shaft. The temperature was then normal, cefzil of an infant, 6 months old, rescued from impending death, with

upon discovery, which in their completed state were exhibited then proposed to establish a memorial to Dr. Parkes, and that emotion, are very closely associated, at least as antecedents, with published a letter from Mr. Roebuck on the Bill now before cefzil 250 mg examination, where no further examination is requii'ed, the tion of things. There is nothing of the kind here. Only

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