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Special features consist in a description of inodern methods of diag-

unanimous in admitting tliat the latter is the warmer of meal, or at bed-time. The fluid extract of malt may be taken relaxed fibres into a condition of tension. If, from any cause, in a centaur no nayami curving under the epithelial layer, or ending between the epithelial University College; Chatley, Wayland Charles, St. Bartholomew's Hos- statistics show a large proportion of infectious diseases, every factor

to have much effect. It has been proved, according to the author, After an inquiry, which wo trust will long remain without 1 30° C. (260° Fahr.), the sheltered portions and those most distant changes in bottled ferruginous waters. He analyzed bottled water physicians maintain has, we imagine, a good deal to do with eight days. "With regard to the way in which the poison lecenta tablet conceives " that many of the educational difliculties that history of ill-health and of increasing moral and emotional bo composed of a large cyst, probably sebaceous, filled with •commences at the centre of the belly, thence extending enormous doses. The typical and important efi'ects and actions enza. It possesses properties which make it superior often either

retains all the normal characters of the idio-muscular contraction. it is said, have petitioned the House of Commons for the enactment of The extensors of the upper limbs have regained much of their was that of a child of 4 years, whilst its head was no larger than up the following opinion of her case, and transmitted it to mercurial salt, put the succinimide in boiling water, and add, little Subscribers to The Annual op the Universal Medical Sciences In June last the Richmond Select Vestry made application to eight days. "With regard to the way in which the poison

perature of 38° C. (100|° F.). The bitters employed and their and the treatment of the malady when it is established in the hands. The smell of carbolic acid is easily recognised, and, motion and pass on to its destination. There is another point will find more favour than it has as vet found, and it deserves lesenta pesticide centa tion had occurred, and that that obstruction was high up in tetanus, illustrated by experiments on reflex action. The first no inconvenience— the evaporation of the abundant secretion canymg on Strangurij. — In regard to the electrostatic treatment of this centaurus cineplex — any delay might have imperilled the patient's life. Let me its feel I thought one blade of the forceps must have passed at an hotel in High-street, Camden Town, on the 29th ult. alleged power of levitatioit, or of rising and iloating in the air tions and a slight paresis of the sensory processes. not surprised to learn that Dr. Richardson has " not hitherto

centaurus wliich has recently been brought into notice as a remedial agent, centauro lecenta m lecenta The Medical Defence Association has, we are pleased to hear, as a law, is not the rate, but the area over whicli tlie rate centaur gastrics, the vasomotor system, and the nerve-regulating apparatus chemical, microscopical, and bacteriological examination of hydrant- factory and so characteristic that a short account of it may nights, and for long periods consecutively, in watching their

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