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artificial nutrient medium for bacteria must contain a preponderance of

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friend, Professor Burnett, in one of the best works on botany that we

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Studien liber Febrls I'ecnrrens. Berlin, 1869. — Oberjieieb, Pastau, Pribram and

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a very religious nation, for there was evidence that they made many

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sore tbroac" I have never employed it in scarlatina.

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modified state of the capillary walls, noted in the preceding paragraph,

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tender and spongy. Diminished pills to ^ gr. ; yeast, wine whey, and

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Hecdth Resort, 1880. — 110. Wise, A. T. Tucker. Alpine Winter in its Medical

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disease as due to a mixed infection. This subject must be further con-

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the analysis of the urinary fluid has been of late years looked to witK

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Dickson in Trans. Epkleiniolog. Society, London, vol. iv. p. 140, and in following:

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could be detected by Metschnikoff in the neighbouring blood-vessels ;

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process — as when the uterus undergoes involution after parturition ; or

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the hypogastrium, with tincture of digitalis, three times in the course of

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