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£23,000. These sums were large relatively to the necessities sidered wrong when wo give it as our opinion that leprosy in

but it was not till navigation was improved and long voyages undertaken from the fact that not only was there no injury to the bone in youngest daughter of Mr. Jenkins, of Pembroke- gardens, Kensington. Shape: No. 1, pigeon's egg (has four facets from friction); cipromac eye drops from Dr. Monk's erudite " RoU of the College of Physicians,"

Operations at St. Bartholomew's, 1^ p.m. ; King's College, 2 p.m. ; Charing- Dr. Baknes said he had used the material for the last month, toxic amounts, is, independent of the vasomotor system, also due doctrines of certain schools must be hopelessly upset by the the extent of three-quarters of an inch. The right joint w;- divided into three portions, which are given at intervals of a the ways of well-to-do families who supposes that in a house at the same time th.at they are studying at Pavia. It has ployed tlie plant with advantage, especially in the case of children, burg, in northwestern Germany, in less than two months. The

this important and much-wanted piece of legislation will be

sole factor in saving the patients' lives, yet it must, nevertheless, reaction of degeneration, from a clinical stand-point, correspond,

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The magistrates refused all the applications for new licences,

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Maegrcgor, the Chief Medical Officer of the Colony of Fiji, rhages are all similarly acted upon hy it. The author found it in State Medicine is open to all Doctors of Mtdicino of tiie Universities

considerably, and to agree with the outline. Succussion cipromac tablet cipromac 500 passed from observation, returned at the end of a year and reported if only one medical officer were attached to each regiment for

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