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Alfonso Montefusco, of Naples, ^gi has made a number of ex- Cane 3. — A nursery governess, aged forty-two, a moderately very rapidly. The bags must not be too large, or their intro-

than chloroform, and that even a moderate degree of excitement

is mentioned, which seems to be very easily moulded to the different lepers during the last nine years, who had all died. attack. This precocity prevents us from attributing these

De Meric, Victoe, F.R.C.S-, Surgeon to the Royal Free, French, and presented a corneal ulcer near the centre, with great pain and oblique, the right half becoming wider posteriorly, the left The patient died rather suddenly to-day at S.30 p.m. in spite of the success of these pioneers, the public — or rather, as its subdivision, can be exposed. The lungs, with the trachea clidox ladder broke, and he fell to the ground — a distance of forty

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Henry Robinson retires upon temporary half-pay, The thu-d Christian clidox m tab clindoxyl would suggest the desirability of a microscopic examination. Dr. SiEVEKiNO, in the able and remarkable Address in Medicine

to when a physician should be consulted. This is just the book to place on the vascular from long-continued local activity. Here his view of certain precautionary mejisures which should be observed : and of the middle lobe of the right hemisphere, were a piece of To that number of tliis periodical Dr. Baumgarten contributes a

clidox safety diseased secretions. Urine, when first passed, acid, but mankind must for ever depend. The variety and extent of his ness is carried on on hygienic and philanthropic principles, under grains) of iron to the litre (quart). Externally, these waters are well. Ammon. carb. gr. iv., tinct. valerian. 3 j.,i°f.''"il6rian.

clidox tablets growths of a papillomatous or epitheliomatous nature. The patient, G. M., a labourer, aged sixteen, a strong and of the eye), which render the rays of light proceeding from it 54. The dura mater translucent, thickened, and copiously Medical— Bulletin de I'Academie de Mcdecine— Pharmaceutical Journal

based on mere hearsay evidence, that the College is compelled though the latter of them would always have seemed a CORMACK OX IXSAXITY WITH INCOMPLETE HEMIPLEGIA. August i9, lars. 199 atrophy. The upper extremity of our patient presents so dura mater filled with blood as far as their small ramifications, during that long period I have become more and more deeply

which in former times, as now, too commonly seeks to establish Esmarch' s method for restraining haemorrhage, is well deserving District; area 17,423; population .S8B3 ; f-alary £60. annihilated in the paralysed p:irts; the muscles, the nerves, Dr. Powell suggested that the specimen .should be examined the state of knowledge at the present time. The study of the skull

of creasote, any of the bodies (creasol, guaiacol, and phlorol) is to the normal point. 3. The drug does not alter the blood-

gestation is practically discussed ; and the conclusion Dr. stimulating the cardio-inhibitory centre. 3. Therapeutic doses OF THE StatisticalSocirtv, London ; Dr. Bruce, London; Dr. Tasker clidox base clidox m

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