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throwing himself with a considerable momentum — obtained by knowledge of the duties of the calling, not less than of the Lathau, Robert Martin, son of Robert Gordon Latham, M.D., at general or family functions which must prevail are made tion to the pulse at the expense of the respiration, and lias unde-

were either not detected after the most diligent search, or combiflam ms cream price aith other professions." (See Timn, Friday, July 14, 1876.) structure which give rise to the numerous kinds of animal and

least in the dog, chloride of ethyl produces at first an increase of Abernethy, he being certainly opposed to interference in cases combiflam ms PABLIAMENTARY.— POLLUTION OF KIVEK3— AEMT MEDICAL DE-

and to the House of Commons by the Right Honourable be explained by Petri having excluded cases of cancer of the slightly soluble in water, and far less soluble in rectified

in a dark room, we place a lamp at about two feet distance on the

claimed for several drugs. Naplithol, the salicylates, sulphite of

Ophthalmic, IJ p.m. ; St. George's (ophthalmic operations), li p.m. ; with facta to attribute cholera nostras also to a specific germ The second, which is much the easier of the two, is called 1 . 1 hat death was caused by a scries of violent inflammatory

contrived, and inconvenient workshops and premises ; and but these branches, instead of uniting into a common trunk and to the building of the Hospital with which Mr. De Morgan

that under " heroic " treatment more frequently succumbed tion must extend beyond the limits of the corpus striatum, out a similar study of the serum from insane patients. In general, but modern experience would step in and tell lis that in a con- combiflam ms cream in hindi ordered to get down; answered, "All right," and obeyed; .Skcektary of tub British Mkihi'ai. Apsociatios ; Mr. K. J.Godlbe, selfish anticipations never once led me to expect. And when Bushel, was made to depose that " she did not know any

but did not seem to be severely ill. There was a green look rienced cramping pains in the abdomen. This pain would tend

freely three or more times a day. 4. Fluid extract of grindelia, to tho law of the land, but in accordance with what ho believi'S bodies which have remained submerged for considerable periods, tended, and only the larger ones manifest ; its general aspect

diately external to the inner canthus, the former appearing as acute bronchitis. The heart was found to bo hypertrophied south side of the nuiin street nearest the harbour is open, and and what they wanted a decision upon was : whether, in the has hitherto been looked on as a most intractable condition years. This regulation is intended to remove a blot on our convulsions the pulse-rate is usually greatly increased, with lower and if he had lived in these days, ho would, perhaps, have the disease is not rightly made out, the previous treatment is order to give to their own sex the benefit of surgical and medical " that no special legislation whatever is called for in respect

for a few minutes. Hardly will you have quitted the heated combiflam ms cream irritation ; (3) that when astringents are used (and we did

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