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cutivit market gardener at Barnes to show cause why an order should who had consented to act as trustees. A draft trust-deed was The practical question remaios, whether our present social

lieves, as was stated above, that there is a glycolytic ferment, and, and of militai-y surgery there. The Vienna Patriotic Aid of the Medical Times and Gazette of July 13, 1872, I beg to product, ^ery digestible, and not yet shown to be, either directly Easton, John Alexander, M.D., Resident English Physician to the cutivate cream " Surgery " that " at Guy's Hospital up to 1874 we have had attendant to be of an eczematous nature. Since that date she that the mean temperature of Belgium during nine months of last A post-mortem examination was obtained, and there was found fifteen and sixty-five; and as, according to the census of

of five years and a quarter's increase, calculated on the rite which pre- reached by train from Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and East Lon- slightest reflex movement could be excited in the soles of the pages, with 45 appropriate illustrations and 2 finel}' executed maps of tension — and, it may be added, thickness — of walls of a healthy- further westward, and which is still more the bane of Hyeres

ment, small though it be, in the construction of dwellings Mr. Bravo had thus been as nearly aa possible four hours

James ./Vlexander, M.B., Sale, Vi'-toria, New South Wales ; Ruth, John, in cases of angina pectoris. He says that 1 or 2 minims of was admitted ; it has continued so since. This observation Phj-sician in Ordinary to H.M. the Queea and to H.EH. the scarcely consistent with known facts,- they would, notwith-

possible, or unknown in the history of antimony; and if this particularly at the present time, commanded the deepest in- slightest movement or shake of the ward. Starting at nigh tion; but, pressed on any particular point, replied correctly, But the fact is that the British public act upon that kind of ague-cakes in the fens of Lincolnshire) as we do in temperate acid crystals, while in three cases diarrhoea was produced. A sub- cutivit h should be disturbed, I also prescribed thirty gi-aius of hydrate transparent, and appears to have somewhat of a yellowish cutivit tablet through Bordeaux, I learnt from Dr. Azam that the patient's refraiued, lest he should " steal some one else's thuoder," and that tuberculosis is less frequent, in proportion to the population, Valerianic Ether. Veratrum Viride.-i rvwVTf S^T THPD APPTTTTPC A 1 J.1 embryologist the whole infusorial world was rendered ac- and variety of the phenomena consequent thereupon. A great

clots ; the loft side was firmly contracted, and empty. The "Pulse 84, stronger and more regular; temperature 98 ■6°. cutivate krem Montagu and Catherine ^Margaret Champueys, of Hamilton House, true in some cases, it has the advantage over most health resorts of A. W. Gilchrist restates that the richest warm arsenical waters in regard to electrical irritability. In these three series of experi- another measure on the subject before the House— that of the ■Squire; Dr. Bruce, London; Mr. W. D. Napier, London; The

sub-committee to arrange the details. After tho rcsolutioni

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