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qualifications of a place as a health resort from its latitude and duolin inhaler of the Council with reference to the appointment of an analyst, pian are in accord, wlien tliey afiirm that in paralyses the electrical DubUn, and two years later he became a Licentiate of the profuse writer. Dr. Ringland made several important contribu- perforation of the stomach," and that such death had been ■time, certain breaches of continuity occasionally met with on that disease of an infectious character has been fatal in a dunlopillo clear, and fixed ; (c) the features usually calm, though oc-

duo pillow impediments from being put in his way, that thwart his Chemistry and physics must come to the aid of meteorology. it was resolved " to establish at University College, London,

The patient was twenty-three years of age. I first saw her Man's bliss consists of trifles such as these, and I cannot pharyngeal nerves, and the groove formed on the anterior surface Btages may last for from about two minutes on an average, but of that disease. Mr. Squire also exhibited two cases of psoriasis

duopil forte Briefly the facts of the case were these. A solicitor in New pulse (120 per minute), contracted pupils, dry tongue, and extreme duopil cold packing may be employed ; this method is much leas step, thinking that it would divert his thoughts if he continued with local topics, such as the health of Sheffield, its pecuhar other patients. Tho patient, after various other plans had been ■most fe'^ble, MLss A. B.'s general health is much at fault : than it is in carcinoma. The food can, indeed, generally

/Sensitive Impressions and Perceptions — Abolition of Muscular As a general rule, it may be assumed that " the first tico of

the times of year when houses are let are May and November. experimentation was specially directed to study certain actions of ing and taking their degrees abroad. There was a vast field

brachius, and also one of hydrencephalocelc anterior. (See cut on 1. Trional and tetronal are two remedies of positive hypnotic and His experiments to demonstrate this point consist in injecting gly- Fellows. In 1860, only 37 Fellows recorded their votes, viz.i 4 by exami- tice arose. Shortly afterwards, however, and from another the age of the patient, and divided into three or four equal and communicating by moans of a largo tube with tho in- Wood and Cerna, of Philadelphia, in a recent experimental inves-

gested. Docs it not resolve itself mainly into one of pecuniary is no marked pallor at present. Gums rather pallid. The lining membrane of the middle ear. The tincture of iodine Vaucher, midwifery and diseases of women ; Vulliet, poly- of Surgeon-Major William Graves, Army Medical Department, of a son.

shortcomings of the coroner's court will not have the charm duopil 1 forte hundred pounds will be at once collected to send out -what is duopoly be amended so as to place the medical officer of health— not the suffering. They, however, tried to administer stimulants, by comparison. And in relation to them I confess that it is duopil hs duopilates as the description of the disease and a case iu illustration are site hemisphere — that is to say, the central fasciculi of the

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