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sorrow and suffering you must witness ; but in return you

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.~ij ; .// <. r,ij ; .l'/im ad Jiv, ft. mist, a UttoiU-spocriful to bi taken*

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rose from 0.9 per cent, to 0.17 per cent., and the num-

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fore, for the rapid differentiation of these closely alHed organisms

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son, where moderate doses of colocynth, gamboge, jalap, scammony,

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justifies is most consistently carried out. The volume exhibits the same

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Con!;, di med. int. 1897, Koma, 1898, viii, 69-74. — Roiiiine

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Kowe, G, H. 31. Isolating wards and hospitals for infectious dis-

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from the Naval Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y., and ordered

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might be used with great advantage in medicine as a soothing

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tion was of the kind known as " too sweet for anything."


bean. Appendix crushed with strong forceps at cecal end.

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this process beyond the distal phalanx. It appears to be the more rapid

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Castellani (1903). Reports of the Sleeping Sickness Commission, I. and II.

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and pathogenic (disease producing) organisms. Thermophyllic bacteria are

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full load of oxygen, but when from any cause there is stasis the corpuscles

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Demerara, 1897, p. XXXV.— Schooler (L.) An imijortant

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Letters regretting their inability to attend the meeting were received

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dutasteride/tamsulosin a guide to its use in benign prostatic hyperplasia

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scending; third, acute disseminated myelitis; fourth, acute ante-

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In 'all cases the cultures when fully developed were enormously

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of the analytical study of these cases is their almost uniform agreement

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life at home with as good a grace as possible. Can he correspond by


submucous septal routes is employed. {Sec Septal Koute operations

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is feeble, pale ; the skin is cold and clammy ; the

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W. H. Hooper, Dr. W. H. Gobrecht, Dr. S. K. Ashton, Dr. H. H.

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cine," signed "Broad," who proved to be Lewis S. Somers of 3554

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relocating, from out in the state, in the beautiful new

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minutes the cyst was slit up, its contents evacuated with the

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lutely ignorant of what they are, and therefore they cannot be used in

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are trifoliate and marked with pellucid dots. The leaflets are

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kind often ensue; among these are impairment of vision, deafness,

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operation has been perfectly wonderful. We allude to some

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an exceedingly convenient and valuable source of this

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