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the highest skill possible after long training. Too many of our
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ful passage of the disease from one monkey to another by Flex-
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when it attempted to wean physicians away from proprietary
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a series of experiments with pneumococci obtained by blood culture from
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worthy brothers with thirty-one times the expected frequency;
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ing the acute recovery period after a myocardial mfarc-
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annual meeting at Mount Gilead, October 15. The program was as
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and aconite, have revealed the facts that many drug preparations deteri-
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tions are negated it outdoes the effort of the honorable Senator
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They are easily encouraged, very easily depressed. It is a matter of
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ulcer seems rather a hyperrefinenient, at least so far as treatment
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out fear or favor, incompetent or corrupt, dishonest or
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'slide easily if the top of the cleat is greased. As the gate is closed
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have open privies and school sinks exposed to flies and vermin,
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outside In the fiirt ca«. yon will turn your pUaf oc=a.ion.IW
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fowls will not crowd each other ,?■ "^'f '°" "■"' ^^''- «•«
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been announced : President's Address, Henry M. Hurd, Secretary, Board
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General Discussion upon the Premedical Year: Physics, Biology,
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Ransohoft", Cincinnati. 7, The Prevention and Treatment of Surgical
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reform, however, they were in this case simply carried beyond the lines
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twenty-nine per cent of the cases. Again in the fall rise the dis-
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at Port Clinton, October 31. Thirty-two were present, including visitors
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and characteristic symptoms of poisoning in more or less susceptible per-
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on account of the slip-shod, hurry-up methods which club practice
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pelled. A hot saline intrauterine douche was given and the uterus con-
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recommend some physician practicing in the neighborhood in
voir were begun and the following year the High Service Pump-
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Treatment.— Prevention consists in keeping sheep off affected
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the right, and X-ray showed calculi apparently in the right kidney
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meeting sufficient acidity in the stomach to kill them, may, on
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injection is slight a full effect will generally be obtained after the second.
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what is the potential complication of a drug-drug interaction between selegiline and meperidine
Of all diseases that afflict the human race, to the laity,
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and grow over with a smooth rounded edge. In these skulls
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"i.t.rin*once.^'lf;^7„^,^««>e«»ne.off. Repeattl.:
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M.D., clinical associate professor of ophthalmology, Uni-
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gologic surgeon at Strong Memorial Hospital, and a con-
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and rooms are massed together with no opportunity for sun-
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It is not necessary, however, to look to Great Britain to see
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