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cell of the tonsillar crypt keeps out the Hving organ-

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in the bottom of each bottle. This has still further

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tion to the inaccuracy mentioned above, that it was

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Oppenheim. Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, 1910, Xo.

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ture edition the first twenty-five pages will be ex-

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pathology it is apprehensive that particular atten-

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in organic fluids, when the significance of adsorp-

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1421 Court Place, Denver, Coi... Xoi'eiuhcr 1. ji)iu.

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Surgeon General Stokes Before Congtess. — Surgeon

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tion of the splint. If we were dealing with a fractured bone with

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(1909) +; October 24th, -j- ; November 17th — ; Decem-

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had no chill and the temnerature rose only to 99° F. A

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with the fact that one of his earliest investigations

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artificial ones usual in gymnasia but are p.erforrned

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aesthesia only lasts one half as long and is never as

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volatile outbtirsts during or after the operation, and

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the laboratory to have all controllable conditions at

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5. Xote on the Removal of Carcinoma of the Fundus of

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Status praesens, January 12, 1910. The chancroid had de-

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spinal cord. Less frequently does the operation fail

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a career that has ever since been active and highly

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intermittent, compressible, and progressively rapid.

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girl's activities. Men who treat their employees in

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oedema results from diminished force exerted by the

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9. Results at Lebanon Hospital of Deferred Operations

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fant mortality one hears much of the milk question,

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Pearse, of Brigham City, first vice-president : Dr. W. R.

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