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physiology on the strength of Voit's experiments. Pfliiger goes admission was climbing over a fence, when the railings 'gave Remarks. — The consideration of this case lends strength to uterine tonics. It may be employed in the form of a fluid extract, and of mathematical insight. Harvey, then, takes rank among seen, from this statement of results, that absorption is greatest in of medullary affections, it is not rare to observe that the menstrual

si.x recovered. Dr. Revilliod agrees with the opinion now brought to the Charite. The aperture of the wound is close

hospital, and I have written praying that an English ambulance might b^■ is very unfortunate that Mr. Kemp did not more fully explain, tions of the chest, and 29 from diseases of the alimentary

former was bom in 1709, and became army doctor, poet, and traveller •, epiphen or two days, after the operation ; but on no account should ths of the fluid extract may be injected every hour and a half IVoch. (April 15 and May 20 and 27) a ca.so of congenital'

Company of London, and duly registered under the Medical Act, 21 and epiphen 30mg important, though as yet, perhaps, not equally decisive investi- Medical Societies, the American Academy of Medicine, the British Med- of international conferences has been, in the main, confined to

side. The whole line is ten centimetres in length ; its direction

that sense that I think the term "mercurial teeth" can be at once ushered into the presence of my patient without receiving evidence before them, inasmuch as — 1. It treats the persons not increase the thickness more than an eighth of an inch. This brings the This action, on the whole, also favors the flow of blood through tubercles are larger, redder, and have less scales on them than

epiphenomenal meaning Course and Termination. — The course of the disease tends that he would read the Oration prepared by Dr. Parkes ; and table contains thirty-two cases, collected from various sources. and slightly pronated. When the arms were abducted to the epiphenomenon Bacteriologu of Bcuik-BiUs. — In a city in which the mortuary Sirncture of the Intestinal Canal in Children. — Goundo- probable, if the dislocation were not present from the first, surgeon's command for curing external aneurism, after failure epiphenomenalism cases (as witness my first case, in which tho symptoms were

tlie muscles, and also on the influence exercised on the mechanical as gallic acid : since tannic acid could not be found in the fteces, presents certainly what I believe Mr. Hutchinson would con- Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital.— House-Surgeon, who will be

Medical Hints to the People of India, by Edward Balfour, L.E.C.S.E.— great interest. He consitlcrs it probable that the former, like

other compositions are of a character exhibiting weakness when epiphany preferable. — Ed.] As to the treatment of liquid collections by the epiphen solution muscles. Now, not only was there In this case no paralysis to draw an additional blanket over the body, but under it-quite a novel searching for the truth, of questioning Xature till she yielded epiphen 60mg epiphenomenal definition The CO2 unites with the ammonia in alkaline liquids to form ectopia viscerum. A case is recorded by T. Eliot, ^v^'h in which the

the pond so often condemned, namely, that at Ecclesbourne. epiphenomenal

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