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most exact and thorough anatomical examination by Dr Klein, Mr Langlej',

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exposure to the vapor inevitably occurs unless the workrooms are large,

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thoroughly cauterized. It is customary to recommend sucking a

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"The licart was much diseased. The mitral valves were much thickened,

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handle of the shaft with his right; the sheath should be held

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be that of Professor Kiihne, of Heidelberg, on the stable colours

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Tumors of the stomach, carcinoma excepted, are comparatively

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Take any ordinary community with its usual number of cases every year,

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and now no place in France enjoys a higher reputation, as every

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ing in the vessel a retarded hemorrhage then takes place.

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lating blood, from red corpuscles destroyed by the malarial poison, and that

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was found at the base of the temporo-sphenoidal lobe on the left side, its under

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actual cautery, incision, parenchymatous injection, and painting,

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