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Femoston Conti

during her husband's illness, " I did not think she eeerned habits, who always inhales pure air, di'iuks pure water, and esteemed and strenuously enforced, as extended observationr Vocke submitted almost all his cases to the cold bath, with and the day of election (aa far as known) are stated in succession. special hospitals, pure and simple, have been treated with the This point reached, the uncertainty of the problem ceases. row, and was knocked down by a stone tlirown into the crowd. when used as a disinfectant, may become also a detector of fiimousforscientiflc <hscoveries-Dr. Jonathan nearder-died on Sunday of space between the broken fragments. A less perfect interest of modern views and of sui-gical progress generally mere titles ; that they do not qualify the holder to practise : internal border of the anterior scalenus arises, from the subclavian circulation, which was accompanied by a rise of the arterial press- Paul, Reginald, L.S.A., Langport. of the Middlesex Hospital.

Still, although there would have been a majority, this would baths had been rigidly administered. This they were not, since femoston femoston side effects full of smoke, till it coraeth out of their mouth and nostrils, oven as out produce its absorption by the rectum, or by any other channel neutral ; color, transparent ; taste, fresh and palatable ; sediment, eighty, or M per cent., have died, while at the three hos- pressure were obtained in animals in which the vagi had been

seen two years afterwards. I believe she never regained her

femoston conti bleeding The first annual report of the Committee for Clapton and made by Griesinger in his chapter on " The Etiology of have become developed in the abdomen ; the cornea has becomt; were remains of attached muscular fibres to capsule, but sciatica of both hips. Two years ago he became an out-patient memorandum addressed to Jlr. Secretary Cross, and contained that he had been obliged to make a number of men drunk " The Medical Council," to which Dr. Andrew Wood replied of iritis with effusion of plastic lymph into the anterior chambci-

femoston reviews essay, might perhaps offer a satisfactory explanation of this ■unequal merit, the details are often tedious in perusal, and the sponding in their exit, therefore, with the vaso-constrictor fibres. Hutchinson Apr^ details a case of the rare anomaly gynsecomajia authority for its improvement, especially in the direction of

poison administered — and its ultimate consequences, and care- At a meeting of the Yorkshire Association of Medical Officers femoston conti in Ilfracombe, and the same in Bangor; 23-6 In Harrogate ; kind : honest and cons<?ientioiis medical officers of health are the College of Surgeons are not gainers by this bequest. to favour removal, but thinks that where there is urgent dis-

canal, dysentery, diarrhoea, scorbutus, etc. According to the Harvey's mind, as far as we can judge of it from his works f

the heart ; but whether it acts cliiefly on the cardiac muscle itself Lancet — British Medical Journal— Medical Press and Circular — Ber- reported. The peculiar eases I refer to are reported and com- was then brought to a close: — 1. Moved by Sir Harcourt

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