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ness of the human cortex would thus necessitate the employ-
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In this operation, which is ascribed to Wagner, the bone is
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chimneys and swing lights above eacli of the windows. In con-
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years 1888-92. The lowest zymotic death-rates during last quarter in the
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and attendance. Applications to Alex. Forrest, Secretary, by May
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The aim of this important work is to give a short description
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been able to tuck the parietal peritoneum down, and suture
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speak as enthusiastically as Dr. Lees. A simple and good
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At the last ordinary fortnightly meeting of the Metropolitan
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necessity of an operation) went home. On that morning the
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B. Dickinson, University (lollege; N. F. Edwards, Owens College;
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mew's Hospital; ,i. Gorman, i)ueen's College, Be!r;i3t ; J. E.
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deceased gentleman had been for some time in delicate
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statistics nor on the publications of others, but exclusively
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commending some definite course of action to the General
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much to be desired, the faults being largely due to defective education.
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copy of which we are indebted to Dr. J. William White of
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Meaical Officer and Sanitary Commissioner of the lentral Provinces is
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^ inch long by .' inch wide, and extends through the whole thickness of
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vision of the work of parish councils, and urging that every
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present they only got half the information because they got it
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hesitate to say that in general the state of a district to isolate
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M.B., East Molesey ; Dr. A. A. Kanthack, Liverpool ; Dr. J. Keser, Lon-
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could be demanded. If further information is wanted, the facts as to
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same period being 20.4 in London and 18.5 in Edinburgh. The 193 deaths
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after keeping a dog on fixed diet, found that the addition of
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aniemia, enlargement of the spleen, with attacks in which the-
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Chapter vii, note at end), after referring to the "findings"
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denied altogether the existence of such a difficulty; and when
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and ample notice that it would not be bound by those
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Dr. Heron Watson opposed the adoption of this course.
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it appears to meet the main difficulty in a practical common-
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general cause acting on all the operatives, because undoubtedly
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special commission, consisting of Drs. Pisani and Vella, and
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antivaccination side, and had now approached within
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Belfast. On arriving, I found her in a state of profound col-

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