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occurs, and the natural movements of the eye are more complete.
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rule, fall asleep. Two or even three such teaspoonful daily. The child took in all Soo
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tain instances its presence has been reported in salivary glands,
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to its infiltrating nature until the destruction of the tissues of
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to hermetically seal the wound and prevent the further entrance
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ments of those who have not yet passed the " grand climacteric ;"
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The cures which have been claimed for it, were doubtless, cases
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an tube, along which the discharge in the tympanum freely trav-
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§ 136. Symptoms. The sjaiiptoms of hog cholera are
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Start him out in the world with a good within our membership all those who are
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tinction, on account of the wonderful cures it has made in
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tives are very prone to conceal any eccen- It will usually take considerable argument
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in this regard for bacteria, may be hypothetically applied to
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thelium and next in emphysematous cavities, where it could
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thods, but also that which has most effectually resisted all attempts
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form. I am in possession of statements from poultry raisers
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In consequence of a fall downstairs the head of the humerus
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the whole body of the act." The Judge then goes on to say (we
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vomited after swallowing thymol, but as a pounds; 30 grains were without effect on
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site of Texas fever precludes a satisfactory explanation of the
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four, $1.25. Pamphlet on Orificial Dilatation mailed free to any address.
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ployed intestinal antiseptics and astringents — bismuth,
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yous organization. There may be a strug- if no great strain is brought to bear upon
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tion is not greatly improved because of the to take a trip to Europe was I that operated
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1. The febrile acute diseases include the exanthemata and
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