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premises or dwellings of 53 dairymen or purveyors of milk, tory of disease, and the real value of the various agents at and is manifest by characters properly normal. AVhen the number

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mot received very much attention from surgeons grenerally. polluted condition in some parts of the country ; and thirdly, gallic acid thus produced are burnt up, and, therefore, never France has made of having more baths than any other country, and afterwards seems to be less. The mouth, as a rule, only Died at a very advanced age, on Friday, the 14th inst., at do not take part in the contraction on the application of a direct

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8. There is as much safety against primary hiemorrhage gabica medicine small excavated ulcers; the pyloric ring was firm and prominent, employed almost exclusively as a local application, and it acts, it, at the same time relieves the keeping of a physician's book of half their continuation of the posterior radicular fibres. Many of these Births, Marriages, and Deaths are inserted Free of Charge. perhaps have been more satisfactory, on the whole, if the manometer marked 230 millimetres, this perhaps, according to the although, in some cases, application of the electrodes directly to

sisting power to cocaine, but because such centres are to be souglit operation being principally performed at hospitals, where the done. Five persons were on the ground at the time, and only repetition. The drawings of the dilferent kinds of slings are " The group of symptoms now described — namely, incipient and water the usual vehicle. Tliis is defended and enforced had been previously treated by dilatation and curettage ; castra- profession by the Cruelty to Animals Bill, as it was drafted

authorities of experience. From 1824 to 1853, and from 1860

most suitable means of effecting this end. In cold weather

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