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would have prevented him from attaining, had he not been unfortunately

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The practicability of the cure depends entirely upon the accuracy and per-

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be distinctly seen shooting through the lymph, which you must bear in mind, is

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ral, to sei'/.e upon and present in bold relief, the leading pathological

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physical and mental vigor. Family history negative as to all systemic

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high. Compared with England, the ratio in the Windward and Leeward

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proved somewhat, but the cough persisted and expectoration became very

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ceration; but most commonly the ulceration of the external parts begins at the

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a living state. The bed-bug (Cimex lectularius), however, gave

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contest between the chemists on the one side, and the Galenists or regular

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grams by abnormal relations of waves of auricular and ventricular

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by a return of symptoms, when the patient was placed upon an

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were then removed by the straight bistoury. The frenum linguffi vx'as next se-

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of continuity resembling that produced by a seton. The inflammation and

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of Graves' disease are most marked, varying in different individuals.

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urobilinogen into urobilin, and that as far as possible exposure

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difficult to conceive why this should be apt to happen after the process of par-

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many clubbed-shaped involution forms, with granular and barred

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1 Opie, American Journal of the Medical Sciences, September, 1901.

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into which the greater part of their writers have fallen, about conta-

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urobilin in the three normal dogs. It does not seem probable

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in the brain. As to pneumococcus he finds two groups: (a) Pure

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was no adiiesion of the tendons, and that the contraction was in the fascia only

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lining to those cells. If the blood is effused more rapidly than can be expectorat-

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but it was also found before it was taken and also more than two weeks afterward.

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absorbed, the divided edges were found to have kindly united, there

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in one sense is a recurring antecedent experience or memory, but

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Hospital, and from Dr. R. G. Pearce, of the Department of Physi-

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* the run of a disease,' it implies, on their part, a recognition of the law, that

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In the second section of the article, M. Brichcteau draws the attention of prac-

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ration; I had one made for the purpose, somewhat narrower in its

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the cover-glass. It will be noted that the red cells flow back and

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