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previously to which attack, the patient had enjoyed

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peculiar morbid process which I have here attempted

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double uterus, where the entrance to the second horn

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What does it avail to refer one, whose mind is thus

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inoculations, in these old cases, that there will be

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into the ranks of quackery under the expectation of

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with several medical officers of health, had an inter-

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spondents, that " the Faculty would rather see every

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which illegitimate children could be received ; and

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ur,d??the^ patients for the cure of others labouring

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Datie, StaiT-Assisiant-Snrgeon G. S., M.D., to be .Assistant-Surgeon

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at the end of last year far smaller than it had been

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vessels which takes place in exercise. Oliver's studies with the

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