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5 Niemeyer states that cummata are more frequent as diffuse infiltrations. Virchow, Charcot and West-

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occasional sticking pains and increased secretion. There was some

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Interstitial nephritis, chronic. See Nephritis, 610.

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Myelitis also arises during the course of small-pox, measles, scarlet and

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snow on one» making a total of 2^30 inches of water. The deaths

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sician of Wisconsin. She had been subject to frequent severe at-

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mater), or its contents may undergo caseous and calcareous changes.' In

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1 1 days after the introduction of a graft of one of the various organs,

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respond to ligiit, disorders of taste, smell, or hearing, indicate a])oj)lcxy in

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in those of a rheumatic diathesis. Purpuric spots are not infrequent with

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distant land — what should hinder such a patient, ignorant of every

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years old should receive half the dose given to an adult man. The

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it appeared amongst as |in the form of an epidemic, and spread

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gall-bladder lesions probably depends on the same factors as in the

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Report of the Committee to Nominate Essayists on the Progress of Medicine

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appears to continue so ; but in many, as in the present case, it con-

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three diflerent families, in which he has not performed re-vaccina-

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some of the so called typhoid cultures that are not agglutinated by

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an old and experienced physician of that place, who had seen much

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Under tUa ifsoMon, Drs^ Jacfcion, Fox, Wopd, Hforrii^ 9mi

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lesion in the rabbit cannot be used to test general immunity from

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nals of the country, with the exception of two, viz. the New Or-

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be obtained before a feeding, since lipemic sera are read with more difficulty.

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the privies and sinks beyond the clay found at a specified depth be-

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caused so much suflerinff that he was obliged to keep the lattejr coo*

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shortness of the period (from June to October) assigned for the pre-

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tomatic. The bowels are to be kept open, and absolute quiet enjoined.

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Onlv a few of the many external applications which have been made to

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Fig. 80. Two young quartan parasites attached to a red corpuscle showing

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no effect. The patient being, extremely oppressed was obliged to

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mine. Like other powerful remedial agents, the propriety of its

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fatal to four adults, and to five children. In December, the deaths

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ture of agar and physiological salt solution. It showed a slight and

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flaccidity of the limbs on one side may be noted by raising them

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and perhaps by localized j)aralysis. Moderate-sized hgematomata have

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giving excellent results, especially as used in the

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the curves of Text-fig. 5, when 10 cc. of the pancreatic perfusate

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posed vegetable matter is admitted into our bodies, than can be

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The application was somewhat difficult, and the dyspnoea very

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sq. cm. its velocity became 0.3 sq. cm. It was therefore evident that

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deficiences are seldom, if ever, present where there is not also dis-

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