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carbonic acid rapidly away from the tissues in which

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tion both lialves of the organism intertwine and simulate a stage

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Island College Hospital Brooklyn it was voted to make

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three years old had an attack of grippe in the winter of

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and it is usually necessary to resort to a microscopic examination of

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an acutely inflamed appendix containing a fecolith was removed.

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followed but unfortunately three months of the treatment brought no substantial

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most modern field of uric acid research the investigations of uric

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ceiving purified rations deficient in both nicotinic acid and the so

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intervals are less likely to induce vomiting. Satisfactory results I

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posed themselves to the virus.of rabies by examining the mouth and

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Medical Association is the largest and strongest medical association

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and mind or with the absence of strain or effort as

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Considerable weight was lost during this illness. The heavy sweats several

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he enjoyed a good appetite and ate well. He complained

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