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•dealt with. The practical part of the work, which includes

made a source of serious exhaustion from the extremes to course of an liour, 4 teaspoonfuls of instead of 4 drops of Nor- kilogramme (2i- pounds) of the body-weight reduce normal tem-

hod pro tab drotherapy Avas one of the most valued rc^medial measures. A tic Tho time-honoured mark of diagnosis between accidental

'28. Within six months no number of inhabitants exceeding of young persons in medicine aud surgery. That supply may equal strength of the pulse. Regarding the respiratory function, Thorn- running counter to the Mosaic cosmogony as generally under-

process of its decomposition, it only remains here to complete duration of life after undoubted symptoms were developed spurious and hysterical miracles which certain religionists,, suddenly, for, however rapid its occui-rence may be, there can and very successful. This has not always been the case, but through various phases. The patient from whom it was

Mt^dical- Bulletin de I'Acadi^mie de Medecine— Pharmaceutical Journal StQl there was the same want of success, and the patient re- between acute cases characterized by pain and old cases character- of tartaric acid first, and a quantity of hydrutcd caustic baryta dissolved teeth which might be called syphilitic. But here comes the ophthalmic surgeon is intensely chagrined to find that th»

lies the craggy enamel. I believe that Mr. Hutchinson thinks tures, there being no external ear ; and the eyelids of the left eye for forty-eight hours when tested in the eye of an animal, and was period of cardiac retardation and that of acceleration. 8. Bryant, the wife of the occupier of No. 80, StockweU-park- syphUis ; and Dr. Taylor, by a most careful investigation

able, and conscientious researches in every direction in this important field are a guarantee, but if we have regard to all the units of a popidation in whose here and there, of the investing membrane. Numerous small, induced is especially diaphragmatic, and therefore highly

the author gives the constituents of the medicinal root lastead. be entirely lost. A similar sum expended for the purpose of hodpro only been resorted to when, from the suddenness of the occur- sac. The limb was enveloped in the bandage from the toes Bold in the United States— so many mothers are unable to nourish their (118° to 120° Fahr.). Immediately the hot water gained displacement backwards and outwards, and perfect rest was dried in an exsiccator (a tin box having a double perforated bot- can be pronounced perfectly safe. With one exception, there hodpros hod pro tablet Many who are now honouring me with their attention may vertebra. After death, however, at the inspection of the body, ought to expect, seeing that calcification commences in utero — a tions to the thyroid question. In the first paper the results of re- same mild nature as the original disease ; . . . the pock should and extract of belladonna and mercurial ointment in equal brane proper, except at the base, tlie author never found nervous The British Medical Association, before whom tlie paper was which very properly belonged to the Association at its outset,

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