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In addition to the clinical facilities of the dispensary
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ing to sleep. Countenance composed; eyes bright, intelligent;
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the second man felt the biting of the lice very much earlier than in the
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paper, although, in the strict sense, it would seem more accurate
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1889, Ixii, 493-500. — ITIalhieii. fKapports qui existent
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lymphangitis increasing pressure is less and less resented, till
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from hyperacid dyspepsia. If, on the other hand, there
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commonl}' ataxic, but more often present intention-tremor ; and the same
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and general hot baths to be taken every night. He believes that
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this mixture stirred, and after a time drawn off into
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the abraded convolutions appeared shaggy and soft looking, and
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the physician, and upon him rests the responsibility of
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of the present humane and able Surgeon-General Hammond.
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at the end of it, out of the same genei-al mortality. This opinion
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imaging data for radiotherapy treatment planning," Int. J. Radiation Oncology
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periods, it is necessary to watch carefully for symptoms of
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the centre of some body of political refugees and conspirators, and for some
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influence of treatment on the disease, he is not inclined to confine its
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years. During the census year it causes 2,374 deaths
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these bodies. Hemorrhage occasionally also takes place in the oms
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the first the bowel or membrane can be forced back into place by
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understood. He questions whether there can be any more
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thoroughly with it morning and evening. Repeat the bath,
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'° Marriott, W. McK., A method for the determination of the alkali reserve
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not be touched upon here, but those interested in osmosis will find
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ber, 18S7, was considerably lower, the absolute humidity and
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life than very much philological and purely antiquarian lore about
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report of the St. Lawrence State IIosi)ital, remarks that a

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