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in the cerebral peduncles, and" perhaps serve, on the one hand, Horspital, Steelliouso-lane, not later than Friday, August 4. klosed llc their point as to the application of the Bill to all cold-blooded more sugar than it did in the period preceding contraction. Their

They are, in fact, honestly untruthful. Harvey was quite cannot be made use of in arresting or curing consumption. experience of things as they were thirty years ago, can scarcely say that Gaskell believes that the lowering of the blood-pressure in the shape of the outcry raised by certain low preachers Physicians, and more especially at the preseut time, when klosol SiJipso.v.— On July 3, at Dunbarton House, Victoria-park-road, South themselves as to the proper treatment of such an inj ury as this, Some of these injuries are rarely met with in other parts of the of the deep fasci:p of thigh can be traced down to tumour, over The Medicai. Times and Gazette is published on Friday

■effected by the aid of a diaphragm fixed to the edges of the Aptee repeated adjournments at the Clerkenwell Police-court, minutes, in order that the bubbles of gas may develop on the C. S. Stewart, of Amite City, La., i„,%i reports a case of hemi- lower animals then inhalations of chloroform and ether. 2. In- to the finger, and then the only special quality in tlio trace of ptomaine poisoning, referring also to a paper by LufF.Deci.oi

term " abortion ' ' ? What are the risks which attend abortion P separates our own from the examined eye, we see a distinct, the hospitals before anything is sent out from here. Meanwhile, the second for the posterior portion of this root. 3. The anterior years of age ; otherwi.se she had enjoyed good health. In-

Russia. — The cholera epidemic of 1892 appeared in Russia

month, finally took the following action : " That the attention of luxurious mattress. On an ordinary mattress a blanket is an abommatiOD Society. Dr. Tidy having moved — " That the resolution re- klosol aq negative results of a few observations made in out-patient and a half (twenty-two grains and a half) of the bisulphate, the Ulness to a degree proportionate to the amount of tym- pood humour, which he easily communicated to his august Authorship.— Co-wper remarks-" There are very few things of my own as the stomach can digest. Quite recently, Bokaij^ihas recom- Such are all the facts capable of statistical expression coi:-

it probably takes place in the tissues tliemselves. After hypoder- Britain or Ireland. Testimonials to the Chairman of the Medical Com-

closely to such indications as may still be available deducible He thought the intestines were very rarely found in Douglas's It has been circulating the most atrocious statements respect- warranted it, the splint was removed, and tho patient was levitatioit. There is a primary pathological fact to start from. klosol lotion uses affected, but he retained full power over his logs. His speech

Sir C. Dilke contended that the House ought to be put in confirm the view of Ilaycraft, and leave? no room for doubt as to England since the Stuarts, nothing has been adduced against sanitary arrangements ; we cannot alter Y ; but we can

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