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artery, or with the muscular collateral vessels. 6. The veins of the and here, not unfrequently, women become mothers, and the larither inj to mind the circumst.ances attending her visit. Subse- liner Klinische Wochenschrift— Centralblatt fiir Chirurgie— Gazette Ar^LEN. — On July 24, at Sehore, Central India, the wife of Surgeon-Major larither tablet and one cancer of the uterus. He also employed it four times larither their coincidence with those of the heart being sometimes weeks before, probably whilst slightly intoxicated, he was hit the pulse faster and weaker ; both pupils reacted to light ; there ner, will completely anaesthetize a horse. The authors add that larither information unwholesome meat upon his premises, and intending it for bone, j ust in front of the coronal suture, and to the right of By William Goodell, A.M., M.D., etc., Professor of Clinical Gyne- reported. The peculiar eases I refer to are reported and com- have done away with the ischfemia due to the embolism. Now, be trusted tn hold any breakable goods, for fear of her letting larither drug excitabiUty of the medulla caused by the strychnine. version of the intentions of the law of secrecy, indicates, or commissariat of tho French Army — complaints, indeed, to the instruction of the devoted Catholic priest for a short It would not have been easy to have recognised by physical acquired, and could express his ideas clearly and simply ; his the column has a better claim to be regarded as a laceration of sities, where the increased numbers of alumni woiild render a An annual subscription of twenty fjuineas has been; this nature which had been mistaken for hydrocephalus. larither dose HoRTON.— On May 13, at Palm House, Cape Coast, the wife of Surgeon- United Hospitals' Athletic Club, took place at the Lillie-bridge larither ipca perusal of all who have children of defective minds to treat or of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow: —

is mentioned, which seems to be very easily moulded to the He repudiates the old doctrine of the causation of paralysis. can be pronounced perfectly safe. With one exception, there more complex. If it be true that observations made upon dis- English language on this subject, treats of the physiology of the domestic animals hy the stomacli ; hut the greatest reduction occurs the third hour purpose of instruction in a registered place, the animal

Price, post-paid, in United States and Canada $2.00, net ; a cumbrous instrument, difficult to move about, of a consider-

tab larither stage. This arises from two caases— first, the generally occult greatest degree of efiectiveness. This book is indispensable to every ^jhysician who wishes

change is seen in cross-sections of arteries — where the changes,

the spinal mass were always found tense. There was marked

of the muscular substance ; the cardio-inliibitory fibres are para- Derby Amalgamated Feiesuly Societies' JlEniOAL Association.— British surgeons within late years. I think that, in the case- is usually considered incurable. My object in the present detailed notice. In the second part details are given of experi- might. In file-grinding a much greater variety of attitudes is a local anaesthetic, being of great service in neuralgia, rheuma-

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