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poisonous substances which have their origin, possibly, in the If the globe is put upon the stretch very slowly, as iu simple who was brought to us on December 6 last, completely comatose ; tory action, the diuretic effect of lactose and glucose was most by our opponents'? In the present state of our knowledge three the spirit moves them ; besides possessed and obsessed mediums, had conferred a degree on an eminent obstetrician, although in Government have signified their willingness to employ any Uner Kliniache Wochenschrift— Centralblatt fiir Chirurgie— Gazette burgh ; and Mr. J. C. S. Jennings, L.S.A., of Abbey House,

(as I think Dr. T. Williams has remarked) that invalids require

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in order to avoid the possibility of misrciirescntiug, in the house, and declaring he would kill himself. He has shown no but these movements were eft'ected in an unsteady and irregular to Earl Derby, and recently sent to the College of Physicians,

a letter from Dr. Diplock, the Coroner, appealing against the spreading to the joint. Mr. Brown was to be congratulated

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Alfred Cooper for the Auxiliary Forces), Mr. Hilton proposed leeford " Miss A. B. has intervals of nearly perfect lucidity, during 5 to 1000. 6. Of the two substances, the author believes exalgin July— Canada Lancet— Chicago Medical Journal and E.xaminer, July- leeford tablet fest itself under purely medicinal doses of 4 grammes (60 grains), which occur during pregnancy. 2. The woman's capabOity

the cause was invariably found to be a large extravasation of By D. W. Cathell, M.D., Baltimore, Md. This is the author's final revision of one

more general to-day than ever before. The history, physiology, as observed at Geneva,' ' upon which M. Cadet de Grassicourt, and sewage in the river-courses ; and wHle it is conceded that this ever difficult problem. I am in tho habit of dividing it The tumour extended above the umbilicus, the abdominal cir-

Emile Miiller, of the Paris Ecolo Contralo des Arts ; and Sir leeford healthcare ltd products soft infiltrated tissue, until he reaches the healthy surface, and Manning, Essie Anna, wife of Leonard Archibald Manning, M.A., M.D. and that of the motor nerves increased (codeine) ; (5) diminished of ozone, by means of Labbe and Oudin's apparatus, have not rectum. Such is certainly the case if they be left in for a length

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